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Horseback Riding around San Pedro de Atacama

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Horseback riding in the desert, before a desolate horizon and an overwhelming landscape is an adventure without comparison, apt for all the lovers of adventure who wish to get to know San Pedro from another angle.

San Pedro de Atacama and its surrounding is a good place for horseback riding, full of galloping adventures! The possibilities are endless, from short one hour-long trips, to complex voyages of up to 6 days, where you cross dunes and deserted sceneries, in the persistent search for the mountain range and valleys of the Andes.

Among the most interesting routes we have the rides along the Valleys of Quitor, Muerte and Catarpe, routes around the Ayllus getting an in-depth view of the Atacama culture. Or else, some very beautiful circuits such as the Salt mountain range, the Tunnel and the Devil's Gorge, among others.

For this activity you must consider the following recomendation:

Wear long pants.
Wear long sleeve shirt.
Hat for the sun.
Close Shoes.
Big Bottle of water.
Botella grande de agua
Photo camera.
Small Backpack.
For tours of more than 4 hours take some fruit or snack

Recommended Tours:

We recommend doing the routes described below accompanied by specialized guides, who know the trails and offer the necessary logistics.

Tunnel: With a duration of 5 hours, this route takes you along the Ayllu of Quitor towards the Valley of Catarpe, then it goes up along the old road to Calama until reaching the tunnel. Once you cross the tunnel you go up to the Corniza of the Salt mountain range, which you border to then descend along the enormous dunes of the Death Valley.

Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley): En dos horas recorres el Ayllu de Conde Duque hasta el río San Pedro, para cruzar por el desierto hacia el valle de la muerte ubicado en plena cordillera de la Sal, en donde cabalgarás en sus enormes dunas.

Promenade to the Ayllus: Visit the farming communities of San Pedro de Atacama in 3 hours, passing through Yaye, Sequitor, Checar and Solor. An excellent way of getting to know modern life in the Atacama villages.

Tulor Village: In approximately 4 hours you can visit the Ayllu of Coyo and the village of Tulor, coming back to San Pedro through the desert.


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